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   - Campaign for Burn Awareness Week 2000

                Scalds: A Burning Issue (includes Educators Guide, media guide and public education materials)   23 pages, 

                    468 kb, PDF format   2000 scald.pdf

                    powerpoint presentation 8.6 MB Scald Prevention



Smokey's Safe House: an interactive burn and fire prevention game for ages 5 to 9.  Developed by the Akron Children's Hospital and the Akron Ohio Fire Department  1.7 mb file, download as executable here- smokey_25.exe

If you use this program, please provide feedback to the developers- download the evaluation form and mail it to the address on the form evalform.pdf


The National Safe-Kids Campaign (www.safekids.org) has an excellent website for all sorts of injury prevention information 

relating to children. The website includes downloadable safety tips, up-to-date information on product recalls, and a listing of federal and state child safety laws and regulations on a variety of topics ranging from babies to bike helmets to water safety.    The site also grades state laws regarding childhood safety and points out what laws do not cover and what still  need to be passed in each state.   




-matches and lighters:usfa 2004 residential structure match lighter ignited fires.pdf

- halloween fires: v1i1-508 usfa halloween fires.pdf

- child fire casualties:v1i17-508 usfa child fire casualties.pdf

-Christmas tree fires:v1i4-508 usfa Christmas tree fires.pdf

-children and fires:v1i6-508 usfa children and fire.pdf

-daycare center fires:v2i15-508 usfa daycare center fires.pdf

-school fires:v2i9-508 school fires.pdf

                  v4i6 usfa school fires 2004.pdf



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