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disclaimer: this site has no official affiliation with any organization.  This page actually does not exist.  Nor would we be able to discuss this page, if, in fact, a committee existed and this page were real.  The fact that the (nonexistent) committee meets in Las Vegas has nothing to do with the fact that Area 51 is located outside of Las Vegas.  Area 51 does not exist.  Elvis may or may not be hiding in Las Vegas, but no one on the committee knows this.  Except  that the committee does not exist.  Please surf to another page.   The webmaster should not program this late at night. 



Revision to Dave Brasells presentation rfs revision.pps

Daves powerpoint format rfs-1.pps

Nicoles NYC powerpoint Residential Sprinklers- New York City History

Articles that may be useful:_(start with the JAMA article)

private/Burning issues NFPA news 1996.PDF

_private/cote fast response sprinkler tec.PDF

_private/crapo 2000 fire eng smoke detect.PDF

_private/firesprinklers.com download.PDF

_private/internet residental fire protect.PDF

_private/internet sprinkler facts .PDF

_private/jama 1987 fire sprinklers .PDF

_private/on time response.xls

_private/Reese 1999 experts talk sprinkle.PDF

_private/sprinkers a first strike nfpa.PDF

_private/sprinkers prevent tragedy hth ca.PDF

_private/sprinklers ask the builder.PDF

_private/sprinklers nfpa journal jul 05.PDF

_private/sprinklers- seton hall tragedy.PDF

_private/sprinklers tripod.com.PDF

_private/the men who made nfpa 100 yr.PDF

_private/unsprinklered and uprepared.PDF

_private/when detectors dont work nfpa 97.PDF

_private/Wolf 1998 sprinklers tough sell .PDF

_private/usfa sprinkler downloads.PDF




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