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US Fire Administration publications:


fires from matches and lighters:  usfa 2004 residential structure match lighter ignited fires.pdf


fires from portable heaters: v1i10-508 usfa portable heating fires.pdf


fires from heaters:v1i9-508 usfa heating fires in residential structures.pdf


fires from candles:v1i12-508 usfa candle fires in residential structures.pdf


fires from air conditioners:v2i5-508 usfa residential air conditioner fires.pdf


residential structure fires: v3i9 usfa resident structure fires 2000.pdf


residential fires in agriculture: v1i16-508 usfa resid structure fires in agriculture.pdf


kitchen fires:v4i4 usfa 2004 kitchen fires.pdf


mattresses and bedding:v2i17-508 usfa mattress bedding fires residential.pdf



            halloween: v1i1-508 usfa halloween fires.pdf

            Thanksgiving: v3i1usfa thanksgiving day residential struct fires.pdf

            Christmas trees: v1i4-508 usfa Christmas tree fires.pdf

            winter: v3i2 usfa resid fires winter holiday season.pdf

            New Years: v4i5 usfa 2004 new years holiday fires.pdf



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Last modified: July 11, 2004