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The United States Fire Administration website has a has a wealth of information on firefighter health and safety.  Other good sources are the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the International Association of Firefighters, and the National Fire Protection Association.

    While our website is mostly concerned with burn and fire prevention, it must be pointed out that most line-of-duty firefighter deaths involve cardiac causes.  The current (2003) edition of NFPA 1582, Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Programs for Fire Departments recognizes this trend and has a very detailed section on the cardiac evaluation of firefighter candidates and incumbents.  NFPA 1582 can be purchased at the NFPA website (www.nfpa.org). 




 General information on firefighter health and safety from USFA and NIST are below


Firefighter injuries- economic consequences and prevention, NIST, 2005 NIST_GCR_05_874-1.pdf


USFA:  Fires in fire stations v1i19-508 usfa fire station fires.pdf

v2i1-508 usfa firefighter injuries.pdf

v2i2-508 usfa firefighter injuries in structures.pdf



USFA Firefighter fatality series:

usfa ff fatalities 1986.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1987.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1988.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1989.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1990.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1991.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1992.pdf

usfa ff deaths 1993.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1994.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1995.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1996.pdf

usfa ff fatalities 1998.pdf 

usfa ff fatalities 1999.pdf 

usfa ff fatalities 2000.pdf

v1i20-508 usfa firefighter fatalities in 2000.pdf


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Last modified: July 11, 2004